About the Blogger

My name is Sasha Chinchar, and I am a senior public relations student at Kent State University. I absolutely love animals of all kinds and would do almost anything for them. I have been a vegetarian for about six years, which I started after stumbling upon a video named “Meet your Meat”. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I began to educate myself on different ways animal cruelty was happening in our world and found animals were being treated cruelly so often for unnecessary reasons. I  realized there are so many ways to help animals without dramatically changing my life. Some might think becoming a vegetarian is a dramatic change, but to me it was the least I could do on my part to save animals lives. I decided to write this blog to share some ways people can help reduce animal cruelty, why they should care and let them decide how they are willing to change to be more animal friendly.

Contact me: schinch1@kent.edu

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