Peta Does Porn?

No doubt PETA has used some racy tactics in the past to catch peoples attention, but with the announcement of PETA launching a pornographic website,, it has people wondering if PETA is going too far to promote its messages. is planned to launch in December and is going to be used to promote animal rights and vegan diet messages.

PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said the site will feature “tantalizing” videos and photographs, which will lead viewers into animal rights messages.

PETA has used semi-nude celebrities including Eva Mendez, Elizabetta Canalis and Pamela Anderson in its “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign. PETA has also previously worked with porn stars, including adult film stars Sasha Grey, Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson to get messages across. Rajt said, “the racy things we do are sometimes the most effective way that we can reach particular individuals.”

Some people may love PETA’s cause, but not support PETA because of the extreme tactics used. Sometimes when I tell people I am a supporter of Peta, they call me “one of those crazy PETA people.” Could it be these extreme tactics have pushed people away and given potential supporters bad impressions?

Being a public relations students I can’t help but wonder if is a great tactic or a bad PR stunt. I will discuss both.

Great Tactic

Who’s to say is going to be an absolute failure, when its already gained headlines around the world? It seems PETA’s idea of creating buzz about its cause is already working. This story had been covered by newspapers, TV, radio and blogs.

Also, PETA has used racy tactics in the past that have been successful and people seem to be attracted to sex. If PETA can stun people who are expecting the worse from this website with tasteful content, it just may be a success. Just because the people are nude, does not mean it cannot be done in a tasteful manor.

Bad PR Stunt

PETA has had some harsh critisim in the past for exploiting women in its campaigns and messages. could be another piece used against PETA in this argument.

Also, exploiting porn may not be the best way for PETA to get its massage across. Although controversial tactics may have worked for PETA in the past, a pornographic website may be taking it too far.

Another concern is who PETA is trying to target with Although it is trying to reach a new audience, it seems the target is a little off. People who are looking at porn certainly do not want to see it with pictures of dead animals. It may catch men’s attention, but a large number of PETA’s supporters are women and this can be a dangerous way for PETA to alienate its them. This may cost PETA its credibility, reputation and image.

What do you think? Is PETA taking its racy tactics too far? Do you think this is a great tactic or bad PR stunt?